Advantages of HD Voice

agents enjoying the benefits of hd voice

HD Voice makes everything much better. With an HD voice call delivering twice the sound as a narrowband, there’s much more audio information provided for the brain to process, and it results in less fatigue and better comprehension. Computer-based processes such as voice recognition and speech-to-text also gain from HD voice, with better accuracy.

The advocates of HD voice use the cliché of a call sounding as clear and natural—almost as if you were just talking to somebody in the same room, and there’s a list of reasons for wideband goodness ranging from being able to understand a child’s voice (there’s a chance higher voices get clipped) to public safety.

Advantages for Businesses

HD voice reduces the fatigue on your brain. Your brain tends to work quietly, filling in the blanks by interpreting word sounds that have been clipped to fit into the sound range of 300 to 3400Hz. All of the information that you normally hear between a range of 20Hz to 300Hz and 3400Hz and 20,000Hz is gone, so what your brain has to figure out is what is being said using only contextual clues.

For short, clear calls, this isn’t a big deal, but the longer the call the more work your brain ends up doing without you really thinking about it (and gives you a reason as to why you dread hour-long phone calls!)

Better comprehension and clarity

In a narrowband call, acronyms are terrible and tend to be difficult to understand. Additionally, words that sound alike such as “coat” and “boat” can also cause confusion. So what happens is that a narrowband call can result in a ton of repetition and additional explanation, or people just don’t understand the first time and need clarification through email, or through yet another phone call.

Because HD voice provides more sound information, it lessens the awkward feeling of having to ask the other person to repeat themselves, and accuracy rises. This is what makes HD voice a clear winner, because information is better expressed, and there’s no worry that you would irritate the other person, since you can hear everything they’re saying quite clearly. It’s rare that the speakers are also asked to repeat themselves. So it’s definitely a reason to give HD voice a try, and because of this, you can take more accurate transcripts.

People can hear what’s being said in a recording and can accurately transcribe it onto paper. This is also a plus for the speech-to-text process, ranging from transcription to emailing to phone messages.


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