Renew or Review? Take a Closer Look at Your Carrier Contracts

Sometimes I feel like a broken record (my staff would agree)! I am very passionate about telephony and, if I can shed light on ways in which my customers can save money and improve on their services, then it's worth repeating. I've written about carrier service contracts in the past (our very first newsletter, in fact.) and it's fitting to tackle this topic again because of major carrier changes since that time. 

To start, many carrier service agreements have a nasty 1 or 3-year auto- renewal clause; therefore, if you routinely pay your monthly bill without closer analysis, you might be overpaying. I recently performed an audit of a client's phone and Internet contracts. They currently pay $13,500 a month for a gigabit link to their data center. I found a more redundant carrier (including 300 Mb of extra Internet speed) for only $4,300, a savings of $9,200 a month.

An important and predictable fact in the telecom industry is that as prices go down, Internet speed goes up. So, if your carrier contract automatically renews for another 3 years, it's quite possible that you could be paying double for the same service, which is likely also too slow for you anyway!


We routinely review these contracts for customers and also audit their carrier bills for invalid charges. We provide this FREE service as a gesture of goodwill to our customers and prospects. You really have nothing to lose, especially when you consider these areas for potential savings:

  • You may have more phone lines than you need.
  • Maybe it's time for an "all you can eat" long distance plan?
  • Now you can publish business numbers from any city for as little as $1.00/month.
  • Older technologies are more costly than newly available services.

These are just some of potential savings.

In addition to auditing existing services, we can assist with the installation of phone and Internet for new office space. Existing fiber lines may be running into your new building and if you choose the wrong carrier, you'll pay a much higher cost "loop fee" to have them brought in. We can counsel you about which carrier might be best for your particular building.

Buyer Beware...

Recently, a customer was approached by a carrier that already had fiber service in their building. The carrier sold them on a deal that would save them money every month, so they unwittingly signed a 5-year contract. The situation turned into a nightmare when the client started having trouble with slow Internet service. Carriers who sell fiber contracts are supposed to provide you with a guaranteed amount of bandwith (not the same with cable modem). With fiber, your speed should never vary. However, there are substandard carriers who will overbook the lines (similar to how an airline can overbook seats). When this happens with shared fiber, lines can get clogged resulting in slow service. You can't afford to work that way!

Lesson learned... Call LeBlanc Communications first so we can assist, saving you time and money!

If you're not in this business, carrier contracts and carrier bills can be very confusing. We work with over 100 carriers and thoroughly understand the value proposition of each. By combining this expertise with a keen understanding of your business, we are able to find the best carrier solution for each customer.