Man Vs. Nature - Ice Dams, Part 2

Ice Dams, Part 2 Do you remember my advice about
The Great Meltdown
from last February? (Click here to refresh your memory.) 

Yes, I've had more experience with ice damming than I care to admit, but I  learned a lot in the process, and I'm excited to share the latest step I am taking to prevent a potentially disastrous situation this winter, AND lower our energy bills.
DIY I am tackling a project to insulate my attic so that it maintains a consistent temperature, which will keep heat in the house during the winter and heat out of the house during the warmest summer days. And, most importantly, it is one more way to avoid the melting and pooling associated with a snow-covered roof and a warm attic - a natural follow-up to the soffit vents and attic fans that I installed last year.
I found a silver Mylar material called Arma Foil, purchased quite economically from Amazon. This product is just one of several similar options that can be rolled out on top of the insulation on the floor or stapled to the upper rafters under the roof of your attic. I also purchased some Scotch Foil Tape to use for the installation.

As you can see from the image below, I simply rolled out the foil and taped the sheets together to form one continuous blanket. You can also staple the foil to the upper roof rafters for added benefit. It's quick and easy and will protect against ice damming. In addition, it will reduce heat loss/gain during the winter/summer months.
Radiant Barrier  

If I chose to hire someone, the expense could easily have been in the $750 -$1,500 range; however, I am an avid do-it-yourselfer and most homeowners would feel comfortable taking on this project. There are many videos available online that provide a supply list and show steps to take. Click on the video below to see the process. (Don't forget to wear a dust mask!)

There's nothing I enjoy more than sharing tips that have worked for me, even if I learned them the hard way! If you have questions about protecting your home from ice dams, or help with your telecom, call me at 203-938-8400.