Customers ❤️ Our Hosted Phone System

customers love our hosted phone systems

2018 is well underway and 2017 ended with a buzz we haven't seen in a while! Last year our business grew by leaps and bounds with many on-premise clients changing to hosted for their phones and many new cloud customers coming on-board. Our clould-hosted phone service alone grew by over 50% last year! If you haven't thought about moving your phone system to the cloud, it's something you might want to consider.

Why Go Hosted?

With a hosted phone system, you have nothing to maintain on-site because everything resides in the cloud. So, there's no phone server to support in your IT closet. As technology changes, the system automatically updates and those benefits are included in the monthly cost per phone.

Along with no on-site server to worry about, installing a hosted system saves on upfront costs because you're just purchasing phones. You have a fixed price per employee and you have reassurance knowing that a local, knowledgeable, and responsive staff is available 24x7 to support your system.

Benefits include:

  • Lower upfront cost (just purchase the phones, but no system)
  • Savings on personnel to maintain the system
  • New users can be added with ease - no limit on expansion
  • Disaster recovery and contingency plan is already built-in
  • Remote users (home-based and branch office) are easier to add

New Data Center Opening Soon!

In 2018 we are taking some big steps to enhance our redundancy in case a natural disaster or unforeseen event strikes in the Northeast. As you may know, we have our primary data center located on West 26th Street in New York City, which never went down during Hurricane Sandy. We are in a carrier hotel with 75+ carriers right down the hall, which, given our close proximity, means incredibly high quality and low Internet delay.

We are almost ready to open our second data center in the Dallas, Texas area. In the event of a major outage in the Northeast, we can quickly switch all of our customers onto this new system. In less than 2 minutes, our clients' phones can be up and running.

Once the data center is open, customers of a certain size will have this feature included in their monthly plan. For all of our other clients, it will become available as an additional feature that will minimize suffering through a major, northeast regional event caused by weather, power loss or Internet outage. We want to be over-prepared for the unexpected and we want our clients to feel this way too!

If you need a telecommunications expert to create and install a business network for your company in Connecticut or New York, contact LeBlanc Communications. We offer fast and reliable communications systems installation services, as well as 24/7 maintenance and support. Just give us a call at 203-938-8400 for more information.