Customer Survey on Work Completed

Reviewed By: Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation
Location: Bloomfield, CT 06002

How knowledgeable are the people at LeBlanc? 5 Stars5
How would you rate the overall quality of your experience with the team at LeBlanc to your questions and needs? 5 Stars5
How likely are you to refer LeBlanc to others? 5 Stars5
Comment The staff at LeBlanc communications is excellent at responding in a timely manner and solving all problems quickly. When we upgraded our servers, they were diligent at making sure everything was set before we went live. I would highly recommend LeBlanc Communications for your telecommunication needs!
Overall Rating 5 Stars
Michael LeBlanc from company replied to this review
Replied on: September 12th, 2017 02:09:11pm
From the moment we met Fidelco and learned the great work they do (giving FREE guide dogs to the blind), it was a no-brainer we would do anything for them. We always jump when they say so (and sit, and roll over, etc.). Long live Fidelco!

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