Customer Survey on Work Completed

Reviewed By: Dustin T
Location: Stratford, CT 06615

How knowledgeable are the people at LeBlanc? 5 Stars5
How would you rate the overall quality of your experience with the team at LeBlanc to your questions and needs? 5 Stars5
How likely are you to refer LeBlanc to others? 5 Stars5
Comment We recently completed a major phone upgrade (140 phones) to Digium. The entire Leblanc team from start to finish were available and heavily involved to make the changeover flow absolutely seamless. We operate a call center and do not have the luxury of shutting down. They were so prepared that we shut down for one evening and were fully operational by the time we opened for business in the morning. I would recommend this company and more importantly the people that work there to anyone! Thank you LeBlanc Communications!!
Overall Rating 5 Stars
Michael LeBlanc from company replied to this review
Replied on: September 12th, 2017 02:09:15pm
I don't think we have ever had a customer be more prepared than Dustin and the rest of the management at Encon. What a professional operation! I actually brought them on to manage our office HVAC after getting to know how good they were. It is a great two-way partnership!

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