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Case Study: Mountainside Treatment Center

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Nestled at the base of the Berkshire mountains is a beautiful treatment center for drug and alcohol addiction called Mountainside. The center was established 14 years ago and has served many clients providing care in a tranquil setting as they journey on the road to recovery. The facility has been used as a treatment center since the 70s and the property includes 5 separate buildings. The property was previously a farm with a mix of buildings, one even dating back to the late 1700s. The facility seems tranquil at first glance but from a technology standpoint, growing a business linking 5 buildings, an office in Manhattan and off site personnel using a donated, outdated phone system was anything but tranquil!


Mountainside Treatment Center facility outdoors.

Matthew Eakin, Vice President of Marketing and Admissions at Mountainside recalls the days of the old phone system. "We have a campus setting here in Connecticut and often communicate with our office in NYC and off premise employees. We used to have tremendous long distance and cell phone bills. We were so frustrated because our old system was constantly breaking down and we couldn't track any marketing data from calls entering our switchboard. Our system was so outdated that we'd literally have to buy phone system parts on ebay and then pay a fortune when we found someone who could install them for us." Having no maintenance contract for an outdated phone system would at times cost up to $8,000 for a single repair!

Not only was the phone system a financial burden, but the debilitating structure was hindering Mountainside from serving clients to the best of its ability. Under certain circumstances, assisting clients in a timely fashion could be a matter of life or death. Responding to a call is crucial in this healthcare segment.


Mountainside's business was growing and the phone system was holding it back from reaching its potential. A little over a year ago, expansion plans were in the beginning stages and it was certain that continuing to put band aid after band aid on the phone system and hope that business would grow was not a reality. Something had to be done.

After meeting with several telephony companies, Mountainside chose to work with LeBlanc Communications and build a relationship that would last through a two part deal. They integrated a new Digium SwitchVoxphone system in the existing facility while planning for the next stage of a 40,000 square foot new building.


The challenge to unify both locations and all off site employees was solved with Digium's SwitchVox phone system. The facilities were rewired and the new system was connected with Mountainside's network. "We invested money upfront and started the project correctly. We integrated our computers, cell phones, voicemail with WAV files, call control, call reporting and more. We're amazed and pleased with the results! Our client response time is effective. Our new system can intelligently route calls during busy times so no one has to hold long and everyone speaks to a real person quickly. We can now staff our call center according to patterns and trends. Captured data is readily available so we can better serve our clients in need." said Eakin. What's most impressive is that there is "no guessing. We use facts. We run advertising campaigns and can attach a dedicated phone number to a certain ad campaign and we quickly see what works."

Digium telephone system database.

Mountainside discovered that not only did the phone system increase productivity, but LeBlanc Communications' service agreement has been first rate. "A support contract is worth the money when your system just works. But whenever something comes up, I can bank on a solution being only minutes away. An understandable explanation follows making it clear what happened and why. When we suffered through a severe storm recently, Michael and the team at LeBlanc were there to restore functionality in a jiffy, even though we needed them there after midnight. We forgot what good service looked like until they came along. They go the extra mile, day or night!"

From Michael LeBlanc:

"It is interesting clients like Mountainside who are devoted to their clients like we are that make our job enjoyable. We don't just fiddle with technology for a living. We enable good people to do good work for customers in need."

We are always looking for a better way to Give Your Network a Voice!®.

Michael LeBlanc, Founder and CEO
LeBlanc Communications Group, Inc.